Bench Press - Barbell Flat Bench Presses!!!


This bench press - chest exercise is also known as: Barbell Flat Bench Presses, and Olympic Flat Bench Press.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE IS: To develop and build mass and strength in pectorals, front delts, and triceps.

This exercise is especially very effective in developing the outer pectorals.

Barbell Flat Bench Press Images :

bench press

Position 1 - Bench Press Exercise


Position 2 Bench-Press Exercise

Barbell Flat Bench Press Instructions :

  • Lie on the Bench and pick up the bar in your hands wider than your shoulders;
  • Always try to use slight arch in your back to have more power for more reps to push the weight;
  • With your feet touch the ground on the floor.
  • Inhale as you lower the weight and exhale as you push up the weight.
  • The weight should slightly touch your chest when you lower-down the weight bar.

Always try not to exhaust yourself with more reps and weights, so you'll have more power for other workouts too.

To perform this exercise you will need a flat bench, barbell and barbell weight plates.

This exercise is fundamental in process of building the upper body, and developing the complete pectoral muscle, inner, outer and through the middle.

With this exercise you can get an awesome growth, strength and muscle density and build mass and strength not only for your chest muscles, but also for your front delts and triceps as well.

Developing the front delts will thicken up your shoulder muscles and will also boost your bench presses.

Developing the outer chest muscles gives the pectorals a full look when seen from the front.



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Written by Daniel Jakov.