Machine Bench Press !!!

MAIN PURPOSE OF MACHINE BENCH PRESS EXERCISE : To build strength and develop the chest muscles.

Machine Bench Press Images :

machine bench press

Position 1 - Bench Press.

bench press machine

Position 2 - Bench Press Machine.

Machine Bench Press Instructions :

  • Adjust the machine so that you're sitting with the bars at chest level.
  • This is illustrated in picture 1, position 1.
  • Push forward the bars, extend your arms in maximum forward position without moving your back.
  • See Picture 2 , Position 2.
  • Hold in that position for a second and return back to starting position.

Main targeted area of muscles in this exercise are chest group muscles.

With this exercise, you will be able to strengthen your chest, biceps, and shoulders also.

To perform this exercise you will also need a bench press machine.

Machine Bench Press GIF Illustration :

Machine Bench Press - Gif Illustration