This chest exercise is also known as: decline machine press and decline machine chest press exercise.

Decline Machine Press Images :

Decline Machine Chest Press, Decline Machine Press

Position 1 - Decline chest press

decline chest press, decline machine press exercise

Position 2 - Decline Machine Bench


Decline Machine Press Instructions :

  • Set up the machine.
  • Handles and shoulders must be almost at the same height. See also picture 1.
  • Exhale and press forward using chess muscles to fully extended arms position. See picture 2.
  • Pause for a moment then inhale and slowly lower your hands back to starting position.

Decline Machine Press Bodybuilding Tips :

  • This exercise is excellent to develop and strengthen also the upper and lower chest muscles.
  • While performing this exercise you will also hit, develop your shoulders and triceps as secondary target group of muscles.
  • To perform this exercise you will also need a chest machine press.
  • Make slowly and controlled movements.


Decline Machine Chest Press, How to perform decline machine press

Written by Daniel Jakov.


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