Bench Dips -One of The Best Exercises for Triceps.

This exercise is also known as: Dips Behind Back, Bench Dips, Weighted Bench Dips and Reverse Push-Ups.

MAIN PURPOSE OF BENCH DIPS TRICEPS EXERCISE : To develop the thickness of the triceps.

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How To Do Weighted Bench Dips

  • To perform this bench dipstriceps exercise you will need to place a bench behind your back and another bench or chair in front of you.
  • With the benches perpendicular to your body, hold on to one bench on its edge with the hands close to your body, separated at shoulder width.
  • Your arms should be fully extended.
  • The legs will be extended forward on top of the other bench. Your legs should be parallel to the floor while your torso is to be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Slowly lower your body as you inhale by bending at the elbows until you lower yourself far enough to where there is an angle slightly smaller than 90 degrees between the upper arm and the forearm.
  • Using your triceps to bring your torso up again, lift yourself back to the starting position while exhaling.
  • Repeat.

Bench Dips Bodybuilding Tips

You can also perform this movement by placing additional weight (a plate) on your lap.

When lifting additional or heavy weights it's always good to have a partner to help.

This is one of the best exercises for triceps and the results are always amazing.

You can perform this bench exercise for triceps at home or in a gym.

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Bench dips best exercise for triceps | How to do bench dips.