T Bar Rows 

This t bar rows exercise for back muscles is also known as : T Bar Row Machine Exercise.

MAIN PURPOSE OF T BAR ROWS: To thicken the middle and outer back muscles.

T Bar Rows Images :

t bar rows, back workout

Position 1

t-bar rows, t-bar machine

Position 2

T Bar Rows Instructions :

  • Place your feet on either side of the machine .
  • Bent your knees slightly and grasp the handles with narrow grip.
  • Bend at waist so your chest is parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly pull the bar to touch slightly your chest than lower the bar to starting position.

Type: isolation
Primary Muscle Target Groups: middle back, outer back
Secondary Target Groups: biceps, shoulders
Equipment needed: t bar rows machine

T Bar Rows Tips :

  • T Bar Rows is an excellent exercise for middle and outer back muscles.
  • This is upper back exercise so you should avoid lifting with your lower back or legs.
  • Lift the weight to an excessive degree with your back and without swaying.
  • If you're not able to do that then your weight is too much, take off a plate or two.
  • If you use a narrow grip this exercise will work mostly the outer lats.
  • To avoid an injury keep your back straight or even slightly arched.
  • With this limited motion you will be able to lift more than when doing barbell rows.

Here is a nice GIF illustration for how to perform this exercise "T Bar Rows".

t bar rows

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