This exercise is also known as: Bent Over Row with Barbell, Bent Over Row, Bent Over Barbel Row and Barbell Pronated Row.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: to thicken and develop the upper back muscles.

Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise Images :

bent over row with barbell | bent over barbell row position 1

Position 1

rear deltoid row with barbell

Position 2

Bent Over Barbell Row - Instructions :

  • Put a loaded barbell on the floor.
  • Bend over the bar with your feet slightly spread-ed and your back almost parallel to the floor.
  • Grasp the bar just wider than your shoulders width apart.
  • Keep your back straight, lift the bar up, touch slightly below the chest to strengthen your back with your knees bent.
  • During raising bar towards your chest use controlled movements by contracting your arms and pulling your shoulder blades together.
  • Continue with movement until the loaded bar touches your lower chest.
  • Rest a second and then return the bar to starting position by extending your arms slowly and lowering the weight.

Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise Tips :

  • Basic best back exercise for building mass and strengthening your back muscles.
  • Main purpose of this exercise is: to thicken and develop the upper back.
  • This exercise also helps widen the upper back and adds density to the lower back muscles.
  • Don't bring the bar up to chest area - bring the bar lower, below the chest to the abdominal area.
  • Always do a warm up with a light weight, you can do the warm up with this or other relative rowing exercise for back.

How to do Bent Over Row with Barbell Exercise GIF Illustration.

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Written by Daniel Jakov.