Barbell Rollout Abdominal Exercise.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE : To develop and especially strengthen the abdominal, core muscles.

Barbell Rollout Images :

ab rollout with barbell

Position 1.

barbell rollout

Position 2.

Barbell Rollout Instructions and Tips :

  • Load the bar, barbell shaft with 10-pound plates and kneel on the floor behind it.
  • Your shoulders should be over the barbell.
  • Brace your abs and roll the bar forward, reaching in front of you until you feel your hips are about to sag.
  • Roll yourself back.
  • Repeat.

Do as many reps as you can with perfect form.

Finish the set when you think you might break form.

For Beginners: Be Careful when you try to execute this exercise to avoid injuries.

This exercise is not recommended for people with lower back problems and hernias.

Written by Daniel Jakov.

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