Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Rows

This dumbbell rows exercise for back muscles is also known as: Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Rows & One Arm Dumbbell Rows.

MAIN PURPOSE OF DUMBBELL ROWS EXERCISE IS: To independently work each side of the back, & develop & define center of the back.


Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Rows Images :


rear deltoid dumbbell rows

Position 1

dumbbell rows

Position 2

Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Rows Instructions and Tips :

  • Place a dumbbell on each side of a flat bench.
  • Place your left knee at the end on the top of the bench. Bend your torso forward, your upper body should be parallel to the floor.
  • With your left hand grasp the bench for support.
  • Use your right hand to pick up the dumbbell so that your palm is facing your torso and the dumbbell is parallel to the bench.
  • The arm must be fully extended and your back should be straight and still parallel to the bench.
  • Exhale and pull the dumbbell straight up to the side of your chest, keep your torso stationary(do not move).
  • Inhale and lower the weight straight down to the starting position by again extending your arm and lowering the weight to the floor.


One Arm Dumbbell Rows Tips :

The first two tips are also advantages of the dumbbell rows exercise over the barbell rows exercise.

  • It isolates the latissimus muscles on each side.
  • Allows you to lift the weight higher and give you more complete contraction of the muscles.
  • Always get the fullest range of movement, if you're not able drop off some weight.
  • Fullest range of movement will help you strengthen, develop and define the center of the back.
  • Concentrate on doing the exercise with the back rather than the arm.
  • After you finish the reps with your first arm, then do the reps with your other arm.


GIF Illustration for how to perform Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Rows Exercise.

rear deltoid dumbbell rows