Skull Crusher Exercise - Lying Triceps Extensions

This exercise for triceps is also known as: Lying Triceps Extensions, Skull Crusher, Lying Tricep Extension and Skull Crushers.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To work and also develop the triceps muscles all the way from the elbow down to the lats.

Skull Crushers Images:

Lying Triceps Extensions | Skull Crusher | Lying Tricep Extension | Skull Crushers |

Position 1

Triceps exercise

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Skull Crushers Instructions:

  • Using a close grip, lift the E-Z bar and hold it with your elbows in as you lie on the bench.
  • Keeping the upper arms stationary, lower the bar by allowing the elbows to flex.
  • Lift the bar back to the starting position by extending the elbow and exhaling.

Finally you can repeat this exercise as much as you want and you can depending from your workout program.


skull crusher exercise for triceps

GIF Illustration for how to do Skull Crushers - Lying Triceps Extensions.

Written by Daniel Jakov.

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