Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

This chest exercise is also known as: Smith Machine Incline Bench, Smith Machine Incline Press and Smith Machine Incline Bench Press.


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smith machine incline bench press

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machine incline bench press

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Smith Machine Incline Press Instructions & Tips :


  • Choose weight and set up the bar with the desired weight.
  • Align the bench so the bar should be across the upper portion of your chest.
  • Grasp the bar with a shoulder wide grip.
  • Exhale and press forward using chess muscles to fully extend the arms position.
  • Pause for a moment, then inhale and slowly lower your hands back to start position.
  • Be careful not to bounce the weight bar on your chest.
  • That's why it is always reasonable to adjust the weight according your condition.
  • Always ask for a little help from a friend even when you are sure that you'll don't need it.
  • Help is always good even the professionals needs some help to lift more weight and get stronger, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Type of exercise: isolation
  • Primary Target Muscles Group: Mainly hits upper parts of chest muscles.
  • Secondary Target Muscles Group: shoulders, triceps
  • Equipment:  Incline bench press, Barbell, Weight Plates.


This machine you can find in almost every gym, and it is quite easy to learn how to use the machine to perform the exercise. It is mainly designed to help lift heavier weights safely. The Smith Machine allows you to stop the bar when you will feel exhausted, to avoid an injury. You don't have to worry about the proper form, and you can work out more intensely. I recommend the smith machine mainly if you want to workout hard without a spotter, someone to help when you are working alone in the gym and you want to push a little heavier weights. The bad side is that with the smith machine you hit less chest muscles compering with the classical Olympic bench press.

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