Lat Pull Down

This lat pulldowns exercise is also known as: Lat Pull Down, Lat Pull Downs & Lat Pulldowns Machine Exercise.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE IS: To widen the upper lats.

Lat Pulldown Machine Exercise Images :

lat pull down

Position 1

wide grip lat pull down

Position 2

Lat Pulldown Instruction :

  • Sit with your knees anchored below adjusted to your height pads of the machine.
  • Grab the bar with your palms facing forward so your hands are at the outermost edge.
  • Your back must be slightly away from the machine.
  • Pull down the bar to your upper chest.
  • Take a small break for a second and then return the bar to the starting position so that your arms are fully extended above your head.

Lat Pulldown Exercise Tips :

  • Great exercise to train your back muscles.
  • Especially great to widen the upper lats.
  • You can also use this exercise if you can not make wide grip chins with your own weight.
  • Allows you to do mores reps to strength and develop your upper lats muscles.
  • Do not replace the chins exercise as your standard exercise for widening the upper lats.

The standard wide grip chins exercise will not only widen your upper lats muscles but it will also give you, create a full sweep in the lats.

You can use our detailed explained pull ups exercise as replacement for the wide grip chins exercise & get the same results, but if you prepare for competition try to perform every single exercise to extra develop and define all body muscles.


Lat Pulldowns Machine Exercise GIF Illustration.machine-lat-pull-down

Written by Daniel Jakov.

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