This exercise is also known as: Decline Crunch, Decline Crunches and Decline Abdominal Crunches.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To strengthen and define the abdominal muscles.

decline crunches

Position 1.

decline crunch

Position 2.

Decline Crunches Instructions:

  1. Lie on a decline bench face up and place your feet securely under the pads.
  2. Place your hands either across your chest or on either side of your head.
  3. Lay fully back and then rise slowly crunching your abs.
  4. Pause and return then to the starting position.
  5. See Also the Pictures and GIF Illustration for how to perform this exercise.

Decline Crunches Exercise Bodybuilding Tips:

  • The exercise keeps constant pressure on your abs as you crunch and decline to return to the starting position.
  • For best results use full range of movement.
  • Try to increase the number of repetitions every next workout to strengthen and achieve better definition to your abdominal muscles.
  • Also change the number of sets.

You can perform this abdominal decline crunches exercise:

  • with weight plate, holding the plate with both hands over your chest;
  • and without weight.

Equipment: Decline Bench.

Written by Daniel Jakov.

decline crunches, decline crunch, decline abdominal crunches

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