Cucumber and pepper salad.

For 4 people – 4 servings. An equal portion contains
3 tablespoons vinegar,
a little salt,
a little pepper,
one clove of garlic,
Red pepper,
2 tablespoons oil (20 ml),
500 gr. cucumbers,
one green and one red pepper (250 gr.),
2 tomatoes (125 gr.),
1 head of onions.
2 g. proteins
5 gr. fat
6 gr. carbohydrates
0 mg. cholesterol
81 calories = 339 joules.
Preparation time: Cooking Time:
10 minutes. 5 minutes.


Make a mix from the vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and parsley.
Wash the cucumbers and cut into casters. Remove the seeds from the peppers, and cut into casters. Then mix the cucumbers and peppers in a bowl from which the salad will be served and add the prepared vinegar mix into the salad and mix it well together.

And this, like the other salads, is much more delicious if you eat it 20 minutes after preparation, because the vegetables on the air oxidize and lose important vitamins, it is necessary to cover the bowl in aluminum foil for that time. The well-covered salad will have the same ingredients, and vitamins as if we made now, and will be more delicious.

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