Obesity the Biggest Killer of Long Life

According to statistics of contemporary medicine, obesity is the greatest enemy of long life. In the diet itself lies the secret of youth, strength and health.

To live a hundred years of life, it means a beautiful and profound old age, the weight we had when we were eighteen, should be maintained all the time, says a renowned expert and nutrition professor at the Medical School in Paris .

According to him, we are the masters of our youth, appearance, the power and the duration of life, except when it comes to diseases or sudden death.

Nutrition is a good part of mathematics. This is best seen in a survey done in America, looking at different cases of centenarians. It turned out that there was not even one centenarian man that was with more or less weight. Centenarian – this means a person is properly fed. There is an absolute relationship between age, health, and diet.

The weight of man is the most accurate instrument that never lies. Because the ideal weight corresponds to a good health condition, and the consequence is a maximum long life. If you had an ideal weight at the age of eighteen, and if you kept it in the fifties, try to keep it also in the nineties. It’s unusual for you to control your weight. To the factor of obesity you need to be decisive and ruthless, of course if a person is healthy, it is therefore necessary to keep an eye on it and not overdo it with the diet and not to consume excessive food. In order to avoid obesity, it is necessary to reduce the amount of consumption of oily, sweet, potatoes and dough, and add daily physical activities that will allow for the consumption of excess calories and maintenance of body weight.

When a healthy person gets more pounds, he is in danger and increases his chances of getting a disease. The justification should not be seeked in youth and lack of time, but in excessive nutrition and not having sufficient physical activity during the day. The explanation for the increased appetite is due to the evolution of the modern society and technology. Today’s man eats much more than eats man before, and also he is less tired. Man eats more even in cases where there is less need for eating. Hence the result is imminent, it accumulates fat and increases weight. Does this mean that women and men need to undergo strict regimens by taking weight loss supplements and dieting, to have more gymnastics activities, or massage? The answer is no. If a person consumes a sufficient amount of food and performs enough daily activities, there will be no need for diets and additional physical activity.
Many diets give quick results, but the same after the break, they also have a counter effect. Our body needs a period of adaptation, which, according to certain statistics, is a period of 21 days, it is therefore necessary if you start some exercise with increased physical activities, gymnastics, fitness and other activities in order to remove excess kilos, not to interrupt the physical activity in the same moment when we’ll want to stop with exercise, if we want some of the results to remain in the future, else all our results will gone quickly because our organism needs a longer period of adaptation.