Why are we getting fat ?

Obesity is a consequence of:

1. excessive food intake;

Why are we getting fat
2. very little movement and little physical work;

laying in bed
3.  and diseases of the gland.

The first factor and answer of our question why are we getting fat? is because of overly consuming food.
Each individual can control whether he is fed too much. In every amount of foods it takes, calculate caloric value, so there will be evidence of its unsaturation. If you are taking the same caloric food, but with low caloric value, you will not get fat.

Resting is the second factor of obesity. If he takes the same food, that is, the same amount of equal food worker with hard physical work and a calm person, the difference will arise in the fact that the resting man will spend the rest of the food, unspent for energy, for his fattening. So, when we want to control the amount of nutrition, we must also consider this important factor.

Organic hurdles are the third key factor to give a full answer to the question, why are we getting fat? These are mental cases for medical treatment and treatment. For this reason, the percentage of obese people is around 5%.

Fast weight gain occurs also when a person who is physically active stops working, and takes on the same or larger amount of food.