MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: By performing this exercise you should be able to create maximum height in the biceps, especially the outside part(look) of the biceps will look higher and better.


Bend over slightly as shown in the Picture and take a dumbbell in one of your hands. Place your other free arm on your knee or find a suitable object to help, support and stabilize yourself.

Curl the dumbbell up to the deltoid, without moving the upper arm or the elbow, and be sure not to
allow your elbow to rest against your thigh. Tense the muscle fully at the highest point of the Curl, then lower the dumbbell slowly, and always try resisting it all the way down till you reach a full extension.

Type of Exercise: Isolation

Main - Primary Muscle Group: Biceps

Secondary Muscle Group: Forearms

Equipment: Dumbbells.

Tips: According the experience from some of the best Bodybuilders and Arnold Schwarzenegger - The legend of the Bodybuilding, the best time to perform this exercise is at the end of your biceps training.

Remember: This exercise is for height, not for definition, so that's why you should use as much weight as you can handle.

To make this exercise more effective and get the best results you should concentrate on biceps contraction and on being strict while performing it.

Curl the weight higher to the shoulder.

Written by Daniel Jakov.


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