Vitamins are substances of organic origin that are essential proteins for all life functions and for successful exploitation of , fat and carbohydrates, energy elements, and their protection. Vitamin deficiency causes various illnesses. Avitaminosis is called the state of complete vitamin deficiency, and when the vitamins are lacking in a certain degree – hypovitaminosis. Vitamins are called and marked in large letters of the alphabet. There are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K etc. Each of them has a special task in the body.


Vitamin A affects the growth and development of the body, especially in children and It was discovered in 1913.
Vitamin A is found in food and animal and plant origin. The food of animal origin is pure, while in the vegetable food in the form of provitamin which the organism has to refine. It is found in breast milk, butter, cream, eggs, liver and fish oil (which is often given to children for strengthening). Provitamin A is found in jelly, red carrot, raw cabbage, tomatoes, salads, blossom, cauliflower (cauliflower) and yellow colored fruit. Vitamin A deficiency occurs when children start to cough without using any medication for treatment. The cough is caused by poor regeneration of the cells in the upper airways, which weakens their work in retaining dust and various bacteria. The lice that is weakened does not provide sufficient protection. The clogs are retained on the mucous membrane and develop, irritate and cause cough. Another sign of vitamin A deficiency is manifested by lowering vision at dusk (so-called chickpea blindness). The tissue in the eyes is poorly regenerated. Likewise, the deficiency of this vitamin is less resistant to contagious diseases.

Vitamin B was discovered during the study of severe illnesses, spread across countries in the Far East. Disease occurred due to the fact that the inhabitants had predominantly skimmed rice, and that is where the vitamin contained. Today, variants of vitamin B are known, from B1 to B12. Vitamin B is found in green vegetables, liver, meat, eggs, cereal sheep, black berries, black bread and grain of wheat. Vitamin B deficiency is manifested in open skin, such as face, neck, legs, and hands. It also comes to nerve disturbances and malevolence. Avitaminosis occurs mainly in humans fed with cornflour.

Vitamin C in large quantities is found in fresh fruit and vegetables. By cooking fruits and vegetables the vitamin is partially destroyed. But while cooking is left in milk, potatoes and teaspoons. Lack of vitamin C provokes bleeding and mating of dental flesh, sublingual bleeding and bleeding from the digestive tract. Avitaminosis of vitamine C is known as scurvy. Hypovolaminosis occurs mainly in the spring months due to the lack of fresh vegetables, fruits and vegetables.


If the food is depleted of Vitamin D and mineral substances – calcium and phosphorus – found in black bread, milk, cheese, etc., the cartilage remains soft, causing bone deformation of the legs and arms, chest, head and other disorders or disease which is known as rachitis. That is why mothers have to put their children on the sun, but with caution and gradually getting used to it, so that there is no damage due to excessive sunbathing.