The five-day plan is one of the oldest and most effective plans for quitting smoking. This plan, published by J. Wayne McFarland, M. D. and Elman J.Falkenberger in 1964 has so far been widespread in almost all countries of with about 20 million participants. The five-day plan has received accolades from the World Health Organization, The American Cancer Society, American Pulmonary Association and American Health association. This plan guides participants through a five-day program, in order, step by step, to change their daily habits and to quit smoking. Through psychologist-motivation, such as confirming statements and changes in the diet,the five-day plan is working to quit the participants from smoking. This plan also deals with problems related to weight gain another accompanying symptoms when giving up smoking and gives them appropriate activities that help to overcome such problems and everyone is free of cigarette addiction.

In our last article you can read about day 4  for quitting smoking.

Day 5

Today is your fifth day in this program. You have a successful smoking weaning. Congratulations! But do not let them lose control. Your strong attack on the cigarettes will paid off only if you keep this plan in hand and if you continue to follow the good habits you started, you will forever rid yourself of the habit of smoking.

Right now…
1. Take a nice shower and rub with a spilled cold cloth all over the body.
2. Drink two glasses of water before breakfast.
3. Eat a good breakfast, and don’t drink coffee.
4. A walk of 10 to 15 minutes will remove your thoughts and desire
for cigarettes, so you can have a good start.
5. Repeat frequently: “I decided not to smoke!

Do not give up:
A person can easily get tired and when he is acting properly.
Now your task is to strengthen the good habits to it and to make them strong as those of whom you have now been liberated.
Over the past four days, you have learned how to defeat the bad
habit – smoking; you’ve learned some rules to turn into practice.
If you continue to stick to them, your life will become richer, healthier and happier.

Body Value:

Open a expensive watch and pour sand over his mechanism.
You certainly will not do it. Why? Your body is the finest and most precious mechanism in the world. Why are millions of people are trying so hard to damage and destroy it with tar and nicotine ?!
You are too intelligent to continue to do so with your body.

Weight gain
There are several reasons why you could now gain several pounds, but there is something you can do about it.

1. Getting any foods between meals increases weight. Although you should avoid them, you can still take a chewing gum without sugar,instead of eating cookies or snacks. In doing so, keep celery and carrot available for snacks.

2. An abundant dinner also contributes to the extra pounds quickly accumulate. If possible, eat more at breakfast and lunch, and less for dinner, which should be earlier in the day.

3. Your weight increases for another reason. Tobacco has long ruin some digestive processes in your body. Since these processes are now normalized, the body uses food better. For now, your appetite is improving.

4. By exercising, healthy habits, less fatty foods, less sugar, and especially less foods that contain quite a bit of cholesterol, you can control your weight and feel better.
5. Continue with a good exercise program at least three times a week.

Remember, you are psychologically close to success when:
1. You see others smoke and you are not sorry that you do not smoke. This time, during lunch, do not avoid your friends who smoke. Talk to them. You are now a master, not a slave to the habit of smoking.

2. Instead, you regret others who are still dependent on nicotine.

3. You have a stronger will. Your right choices helped build confidence. You improved the picture for yourself.

.4.Give others the knowledge that they can stop smoking.

Make a list of the benefits of quitting cigarettes, especially those you have noticed.
1. ________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
Write more if you remember another benefit. Paste the list in a prominent place – the fridge, the desk, the closet or the calendar.

Recall the last session:
You may have quit smoking, you have started to feel less symptoms of cancellation or have noticed that the desire is smaller and does not appear often.
Perhaps you had a hard day, so for a little while you gave up? However, make sure: give yourself another 24 to 48 hours and you will also be able to see the difference.
Do not forget that you’ve been smoking for many years, and you only had a few days to become a non-smoker. Hold on to it. You can succeed.

Find a new occupation
1. Start a new hobby. If you need money, you have them – you do not smoke!
2. Remember someone who is fighting this bad habit and help him. Do not force it, but at the same time do not hesitate to tell him:   “I did it, you can!”
3. My hobby is: _______________________________________

Plan for the weekend
1. Plan to do something special. If people make you nervous, if possible, head to the mountains or to some other special place where you can escape from everything.
2. However, if you are alone, it’s certain that you will make a mistake. Stay with the crowd. Try to go to a shopping center, perhaps in a recreation center or camp.
3. Avoid large feasts, spirits, strong teas and coffee. They can activate the smoking drive. Control yourself. Recharge with a fruit salad in your favorite restaurant. Remember – you need to sit in the non-smoking area.
4. Start with your new hobby.
5. Keep contact with your partner in the non-smoking support group.
Do not forget the Control session!

What you learned in these 5 days
Our body was created to keep us in good health, if we follow the simple but important rules of the five-day plan for quitting smoking . Every aspect is important and will help you to get rid of nicotine and keep a healthy lifestyle forever.

– “I decided not to smoke.”
– Deep rhythmic breathing.
– From 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.
– Rub with a spilled cold cloth all over the body in cold water.
– Exercise for at least 3 to 5 days a week.
-Simple rest, sleep and relaxation.
-Balanced diet, fat reduction, sugar and cholesterol.
– Avoid overeating.
– Avoid alcohol, strong teas and coffee.
– Avoid those places where others smoking.
– Start a new hobby or occupation.
-Think about all the benefits of non-smoking.
– Encourage others to stop smoking.



If this plan helped you quit smoking, we urge you to share your experience with us.
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