Although it occurs in adult humans, sty is mainly a pediatric disease, or a disease of the younger age. It is a small inflammation of the small glands that are found on the jaws and which excrete fat for the eyelash lubrication.

The disease is uncomfortable because it causes disturbances and pains. It first swings, then hardened and gradually increases. When it is full, ie, when the dregs are formed in it, it is necessary to open it to be the same as the dung. Sometimes it crack, and the fester, especially at night, spills in the eye.

Sty  often returns. However, this is not a blood disease or “unhealthy eye,” as many moms think. It is an infection caused by children who are constantly rubbing their eyes, or because of the narrowing of the canal that connects nose and eye. The best cure for it is that children are taught hygiene.



Fill the cotton cloth with a domestic brandy  and place it on a closed, diseased eyelid. Hold the cotton pad for about 1 hour, then place a single coat of cotton cloth soaked in olive oil. Keep this covering as long as possible, and best overnight. In the morning, after you have woken up, with mild warm chamomile flower tea, rinse your eyelashes. The tea is  prepared with 5 g of chamomile sprinkles in 1/2 liter of boiling water ; the tea is immediately covered and let it cool down. It is especially important to avoid any touch with unclean hands.

Hard sty

Hard sty does not appear as often as ordinary. The disease is manifested as a swelling on the skin of the eye. The eyelid is protruding outwardly and is as large as a lens. When it comes out, there are no disturbances and inflammatory processes. Disease, in fact, is a fatty, glandular swelling, is not fatal, but it needs to be removed because it dulls the eye.



Rinse the eye 3 times a day with a Chamomile tea. After this-put a cotton pad soaked in olive oil and keep it as long as possible. Before going to bed, bake a small red cap, clean it and stomp it. Add a little olive oil and a soft cotton pad to put in a sick place.