In this upper-body workout plan we're going to share a few great exercises :

  • Wide-grip bench press
  • Barbell Bent over row
  • Chin-up
  • Dumbbell flys
  • Dumbbell bent arm pullover
  • T bar rows

All these bodybuilding exercises will help you build strength and develop excellent chest and back upper body muscles.


Exercise 1 :  Wide-grip bench press

This exercise is also known as: Barbell Flat Bench Press & Flat Barbell Bench Press.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To develop and build mass and strength in pectorals muscles, front delts and triceps.

Barbell Flat Bench Press Images :

wide grip bench press - bench press wide grip

Position 1

wide grip bench press

Position 2

Wide Grip Bench Press/Barbell Flat Bench Press Instructions :

  • Lie on the flat bench and grasp the barbell from the rack with fully extended arms.
  • Lower the barbell to your chest slowly in case if you want to hit the muscles more intensively. See Picture 1.
  • Then exhale and press the bar upwards to starting position with extended arms to the start position using your chest muscles.

Wide Grip Bench Press Tips :

The Bench Press is a fundamental and very important chest exercise for the upper body. It produces: growth, strength, and muscle density for the chest, front deltoids and triceps muscles.

  • Type of exercise: isolation
  • Primary muscle group: chest - outer position of pectoralis major.
  • Secondary: shoulders, triceps
  • Equipment needed: barbell, flat bench

How to do flat barbell bench press GIF Illustration :

Wide Grip Bench Press - Gif


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Written by Daniel Jakov.

Exercise 2 : Barbell bent over row

This exercise is also known as: Bent Over Row with Barbell, Bent Over Row, Bent Over Barbel Row and Barbell Pronated Row.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: to thicken and develop the upper back muscles.

Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise Images :

bent over row with barbell | bent over barbell row position 1

Position 1

rear deltoid row with barbell

Position 2

Bent Over Barbell Row - Instructions :

  • Put a loaded barbell on the floor.
  • Bend over the bar with your feet slightly spread-ed and your back almost parallel to the floor.
  • Grasp the bar just wider than your shoulders width apart.
  • Keep your back straight, lift the bar up, touch slightly below the chest to strengthen your back with your knees bent.
  • During raising bar towards your chest use controlled movements by contracting your arms and pulling your shoulder blades together.
  • Continue with movement until the loaded bar touches your lower chest.
  • Rest a second and then return the bar to starting position by extending your arms slowly and lowering the weight.

Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise Tips :

  • Basic best back exercise for building mass and strengthening your back muscles.
  • Main purpose of this exercise is: to thicken and develop the upper back.
  • This exercise also helps widen the upper back and adds density to the lower back muscles.
  • Don't bring the bar up to chest area - bring the bar lower, below the chest to the abdominal area.
  • Always do a warm up with a light weight, you can do the warm up with this or other relative rowing exercise for back.

How to do Bent Over Row with Barbell Exercise GIF Illustration.

Bent Over Row | Bent Over Barbell Row - GIF by

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Written by Daniel Jakov.

Exercise 3: Chin-up

This exercise is also known as: Chin ups, Close Grip Chin Ups, Close Grip Chins, and Chin pull ups.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE IS: To develop the back muscles, widen the lower lats, and develop the serratus.

Chin Ups Exercise Images :

chin pull ups

Position 1

chin ups

Position 2

How to do Chin Ups Exercise Instructions :

  • Grab the bar with overhand grip.
  • Hang your body from the bar with straight arms.
  • Slowly pull yourself up to the position where your chin is higher than the bar.
  • Lower yourself slowly back to the starting position.

Chin Ups Exercise Bodybuilding Tips:

  • Inhale when you are going down, exhale when you are going up.
  • One of the basic exercises for developing and strengthening the back muscles
  • Excellent exercise to widen the lower lats and develop the serratus.
  • You can perform this exercise using a chinning bar or close grip triangle device.
  • Always be careful when you use additional weights especially if you use heavy weights.
  • Do as many reps as possible at a time, (example 4 to 6 reps) until you reach a total of 50 reps, make more sets.
  • The stronger you get, you will need fewer sets to get to 50 reps.
  • To get best results pull yourself up and try to reach a position when your chest nearly touches your hands.
  • Lower yourself slowly back to the starting position.
  • Don't use your legs to help yourself while performing this exercise.

How to do Chin Ups GIF Illustration.

Chin Ups | Close Grip Chin Ups | #ChinUps #Chin #Ups #Close #Grip #Close_Grip_Chin_Ups #Chin_Ups_GIF


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Written by Daniel Jakov.

Exercise 4 : Dumbbell Flys

This exercise is also known as: Dumbbell Flys, Chest Flys, Chest Fly and as Dumbbell Fly

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Is to develop the muscle mass of the pectorals.

Dumbbell Flys Images, Chest Fly Dumbbell Workout

Chest Flys | Dumbbell Flys | Chest Workouts | Become a Professional Bodybuilder.

Dumbbell Flys Image 1  - Position 1.

dumbbell flys, professional-bodybuilding-chest-workouts-position 2

Chest Flys Image 2 - Position 2.

Dumbbell Flys Instructions:

  1. Lie on the bench.
  2. Take dumbbells in both arms and position your arms slightly closed to your sides.
  3. Exhale and focus on using your chest to raise both dumbbells in arc above the middle of yours chest until they are directly above you.
  4. Inhale and slowly lower the weight back to starting position.
  5. Targeted area lower outer parts of chest muscles , triceps and deltoids.

Here is what you can expect from this exercise and what do you need:

  • To develop the muscle mass of the pectorals
  • Primary Group: chest
  • Secondary Group: shoulders, triceps
  • Other Benefits: Wider Upper Body
  • Equipment: dumbbells, flat bench

How to do dumbbell flys GIF Illustration

Dumbbell Flys - Chest Exercise - Gif Illustration - Chest Flys



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Written by Daniel Jakov.

Exercise 5 : Dumbbell bent arm pullover

This dumbbell pullover exercise is also known as: Dumbbell Pullover, Straight Arm Pullovers and Chest Pullovers.

MAIN PURPOSE OF DUMBBELL PULLOVER EXERCISE IS: To develop the pectorals muscles and expand the rib cage.

Dumbbell Pullover Images :

dumbbell bent arm pullover, dumbbell pullover exercise

Position 1.


Position 2.

Dumbbell Pullover Instructions :

  • Lie flat on bench with your head hanging slightly over the end and your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Hold dumbbell with both hands , keep your elbows in through the exercise.
  • Starting with your arms fully extended over your chest , slowly lower in the arc over head ,towards the floor not touching it.
  • Exhale and pull dumbbell back to the chest height in a slow movement going back to starting position.
  • Repeat.

Dumbbell Pullover Tips :

  • Targeted areas from this exercise are chest , shoulder , lats, triceps and biceps muscles and the rib cage.
  • Always Be careful to avoid injury.

This is one from my top 5 favorite bodybuilding exercises for building a super human body. You can also perform this exercise with a barbell and try to make 100 to 200 reps in one set if you want to build and gain strength.

I was making 200 - 300 reps in one set with 25 kg barbell and 90 to 100 reps with 60 kg barbell, barbells were made by myself.

When you try a new exercise always try to execute the exercise with lower weights to see and check your strength level of your body.

How to do pullover - GIF Illustration.

Dumbbell Bent Arm Pullover Gif

Written by Daniel Jakov.

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Exercise 6: T-bar rows

This t bar rows exercise for back muscles is also known as : T Bar Row Machine Exercise.

MAIN PURPOSE OF T BAR ROWS: To thicken the middle and outer back muscles.

T Bar Rows Images :

t bar rows, back workout

Position 1

t-bar rows, t-bar machine

Position 2

T Bar Rows Instructions :

  • Place your feet on either side of the machine .
  • Bent your knees slightly and grasp the handles with narrow grip.
  • Bend at waist so your chest is parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly pull the bar to touch slightly your chest than lower the bar to starting position.

Type: isolation
Primary Muscle Target Groups: middle back, outer back
Secondary Target Groups: biceps, shoulders
Equipment needed: t bar rows machine

T Bar Rows Tips :

  • T Bar Rows is an excellent exercise for middle and outer back muscles.
  • This is upper back exercise so you should avoid lifting with your lower back or legs.
  • Lift the weight to an excessive degree with your back and without swaying.
  • If you're not able to do that then your weight is too much, take off a plate or two.
  • If you use a narrow grip this exercise will work mostly the outer lats.
  • To avoid an injury keep your back straight or even slightly arched.
  • With this limited motion you will be able to lift more than when doing barbell rows.

Here is a nice GIF illustration for how to perform this exercise "T Bar Rows".

t bar rows

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Written by Daniel Jakov.