This exercise is also known as: Cable Fly, Cable Flys and Cable Flyes.

MAIN PURPOSE OF CABLE FLYS EXERCISE: To develop and fully define the middle and the inner pectoral muscles.

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Position 1 - Cable Flys

Flat Bench Cable Flys

Position 2 - Flat Bench Cable Flyes


Cable Flyes Instructions:

  1. Place flat bench between two cable machines , lie on the bench and grasp pulley in each hand.
  2. Slightly bend elbows ,make small arc in your back and pull the cables together at same time.
  3. Meeting hands point in the middle of your chest.
  4. Hold for a second in that position and slowly lower your hands back to starting position at the height of the bench.

Here is what you can expect from this exercise and what equipment do you need to perform it:

  • To develop and fully define the middle and the inner pectoral muscles.
  • Primary Targeted area in this exercise are chest muscles.
  • Secondary Targeted area are shoulders.
  • With this exercise you can strength your chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Equipment: Cable Flys machine and a Flat Bench.


How to do Cable Flys Exercise GIF Illustration

GIF Illustration for how to do chest cable flys - exercise to develop the inner and middle pectoral muscles - | Become huge.

Written by Daniel Jakov.


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