Scientists have proven that chocolate better cures cough than syrups that are consumed, and a team of several doctors has confirmed this theory.

According to doctors, chocolate has a much better function to reduce breathing problems and cough.

Aline Morris, a doctor for cardiovascular diseases, explains why he believes in this theory of chocolate. He said he conducted a study involving 163 people who, as he said, had experienced a significant difference in breathing and coughing, after several days of regular consumption of a certain amount of chocolate.

However, this is not the first time that chocolate can be used as a medicine. A few years ago at a London university it was found that cocoa has a great influence on cough treatment.

“There are two reasons why chocolate can reduce your throat pain. The first is precisely the fact that chocolate, as well as honey, forms a layer of protection in the throat, thereby reducing irritation and cough. The second theory is that chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine, and it serves to stop coughing, “said Maurice.