If you came here expecting to learn how to boost your bench press overnight – you are in the wrong place.

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises among the gym rats. And it is also a favorite exercise for many people.

That comes with a reason behind it. The more you’re able to bench press, the stronger your overall core gets. Even though it mainly targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps, it’s actually an amazing exercise for your whole upper body.

Boost Your Bench Press, Boost Your Bench Press With These Tricks, Professional Bodybuilding, Professional Bodybuilding

Why would you like to boost your bench press / What are the benefits of having a stronger bench press?

#1 Increased Upper Body Strenght

The following tips that will teach you how to boost your bench press will come in very handy for you.

Having a stronger bench press will actually help you in various other upper body exercises. That’s due to the fact that with its movement you’re activating all of the pushing muscles in your body ( shoulder, triceps, and chest ).

So by having a stronger bench press will eventually boost your performance at all of the exercises that involve pushing.

#2 Your Pecs Will Look Crazy Good

Bench pressing is undoubtedly the best exercises which will make your pecs literally evolve.

The more weight and pressure you put on an exercise with a proper form, the more it’s triggering growth in your muscles.

And so if you’re a gym rat, you’ll probably want that glamorous muscle get developed. If you’re wearing tight t-shirts it will be the first thing everyone notices when they see you.

#3 Boosts Your Daily Activities

If you boost your bench press you’ll undeniably make your daily activities a whole lotta easier.

Your car has stopped working in the middle of the road? Or you have to redecorate your home and move the furniture around? -No problem. You’ll be prepared to push things around because you’ve already spent time at the gym practicing the push movement.

So having a strong bench press isn’t only beneficial in the gym. It’s actually a movement we as humans very commonly use it. And having it strongly developed will be very useful for you even in your everyday life.

This Is How To Boost Your Bench Press:

Besides the fact that you came into this article without knowing any of its context, such as the three beneficial facts why would you want a stronger bench press above. And I’m sure that you must be hyped to find out how to boost it, so let’s begin.

#1. Warm-up before lifting

Yes, I did say warm up before the lift, but I didn’t think about your casual warm-up routine.

Instead, you’re supposed to focus on warming up for the specific movement. But how do you do that?

From now on, you’ll need to focus on lifting with an empty bar / less weight for a couple of sets in order to be properly warmed up for the movement.

  • 10 repetitions with the bar.
  • 30 seconds pause.
  • 7 repetitions with 50% of your max.
  • 30 seconds pause.
  • 4 repetitions with 70% of your max.

After these three sets, your pushing muscles ( triceps, shoulders, chest ) will be prepared for the movement. And the pushing movement will feel a whole lot easier. Which of course will help you boost your bench press a little.

#2. Try different bench press variations

In order to achieve the maximum bench press lift, you’ll have to work on all of the chest heads ( upper, middle and lower).

Try these exercises for your upper chest:

  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Incline Cable Fly
  • Decline Push-Up

Try these exercises for your middle chest:

  • Squeeze Press
  • Inner Pec Push-Up
  • Flat Bench Press

Try these exercises for your lower chest:

  • Chest Dips
  • Decline Dumbbell Press
  • Decline Bench Press

#3. Work on your weaker muscles

As I mentioned above, the bench press is executed mainly with the three pushing muscles. So if any of those three is lacking in strength or stability, your whole bench press performance will be weaker.

If you’re able to feel which of your muscles is lacking the strength to provide for the movement then start working on that specific muscle more intensely.

If you’re unable, then just start performing more pushing exercises for both your triceps and shoulders. This will eventually help you to boost your bench press. Having them all developed fully will provide to you in pushing a heavier weight.

Boost Your Bench Press, Boost Your Bench Press With These Tricks, Professional Bodybuilding, Professional Bodybuilding