I will dare to say that the chest is the most trained muscle in the gym, besides abs and arms of course.

Have you noticed that it’s uncommon to see an empty bench press on Monday’s at the gym? The weird fact isn’t that so many people are training hard to develop the pecs, but the weird thing is that it’s rare to see a well-developed set of pecs.

So what’s the deal with all of those people not skipping chest day and yet are still not having developed chest? Well, that might be due to the fact that a lot of people are doing all of the following chest training mistakes.

So, stop wasting countless hours in the gym improperly training your chest and learn which are the most common mistakes.

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These are the most common chest training mistakes:
#1. Over-doing the bench press

I’m not saying that you should stop bench pressing, but what I’m saying is that there are other exercises too.

You should consider only doing bench presses if you’re doing it for maximum strength ( particularly powerlifting). If that isn’t the case, and your desire is to have a nicely developed set of pecs – that you’ll have to try out different movements too.

Each exercise and overall movement puts pressure on a different muscle group. Which eventually means that a different part of your muscle will develop. And that’s the main reason why you’ll need to have some variety in your workout routine.

Which other exercises you should consider doing?

  • Flat Bench Dumbell Press
  • Flat Bench Dumbell Fly’s
  • Seated Machine Chest Press
  • Dips for Chest
  • Incline Bench Cable Fly
#2. Not Doing the Exercises in Full Motion

This is commonly seen in powerlifters, and the regular gym rats are copying them. But in fact, their purpose of doing this is because they’re strength training. They don’t really care if their chest gets developed or not.

So not doing exercises in full motion is almost the same as not doing them.

Or the other common reason why you might not go full motion is that the weight you’re lifting is way to heavy for you. So it’s almost impossible to do a full repetition properly without shortening the distance.

In order for the muscle to develop it requires you to do a full stretch with the weights. And if you notice that you can’t perform the whole repetition, don’t feel ashamed to decrease the weight.

It’s more beneficial for muscle growth to perform a full repetition movement with a lighter weight than to do half-reps with more weight.

#3. Neglecting your Upper-Chest

Naturally, by our human anatomy, the upper part of our chest is thinner. So it would be a no-brainer to not exercise or to skip it completely. Without it developed the pecs will look a lot smaller and the whole formation looks ridiculous.

Always remember to add at least one exercise for your upper chest in each of your workouts. Your chest will look more fulfilled plus your bench press max will be increased.

Try these exercises for your upper chest:

  • Dumbbell incline flies.
  • Incline bench press.
  • Incline dumbbell press.
  • Medicine ball push-ups.
#4. Overtraining your Chest

Among the other chest training mistakes, this might be the most common one. As I mentioned above, nobody skips chest day, so the reason why it isn’t developing probably is because it gets over-trained.

The chest is a big muscle and it doesn’t require to be exercised more than once per week. Working out your chest once per week allows it to recover for a whole week until the next workout session.

I wouldn’t recommend performing more than five exercises, each having 4 sets per workout session. Consider setting a rule for yourself for that to be the maximum.

Doing anything more than this is over-exhausting your chest and it makes it harder to recover. Which is always the key thing for muscle growth.

#5. Skipping Triceps and Shoulder Workouts

As you probably know, in order to push more weight you need both your triceps and shoulders. Those two along with the chest are your pushing muscles. And having all of them developed will allow you to push more weight in a proper form.

So remember to include at least one or two pushing exercises in both of your triceps and shoulder workouts. This will improve your pushing movement and will allow you to perform better on the bench press.