Professional Bodybuilding

Train Healthy and Smart.

You don’t need supplements to become huge or shredded, instead of that you only need :

  • Smart approach (work);
  • Visualization;
  • Good amount of FOOD;
  • A lot of Motivation;
  • So it’s up to you.

Strong Will, Wish or Great Determination will sure finish the job.

Believe and you will win. You will achieve the results what you want even faster than you can imagine.

Train Smart, Eat Healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle…

We believe that this free and Educational Fitness and Health Encyclopedia will help us all to learn the most useful information what we need to understand and learn better about every type of exercise, workout, food and health issue and how to make the best decisions for us to live a healthy long life.

We are proud to have in our team: Doctors, Nutritionists, Gym Trainer, Scientists from different fields, Web and Application Developers. Our team members work all hard together to share their knowledge and in same time to learn new staffs together as team.

Our goal is to try and make the world a better and beautiful place for everyone, so we hope that sharing our knowledge will help you achieve the best results and reach better and healthy life.


Why our website ProfessionalBodybuilding.xyz

Why xyz ? Because it was a chipper variant in the moment and maybe best option what we could allowed. First we start the portal with proffessionalbodybuilding.com, but later we decide to transfer all of our original data to professionalbodybuilding.xyz

Why Professional ? Because I was and I am still willing to share all my professional knowledge here at Professional Bodybuilding for free. Before 15 years ago I achieved amazing results fast, in time of three month i went from 65 kg to 96 kg from a skinny guy to a big – huge bodybuilder with perfectly developed muscle mass. I developed all my muscles on an extreme level without taking any kind of supplements using different kind of methods and experimenting all the time, then i start working part job as a GYM TRAINER in the same gym for a few month.

Also i shared a lot of tips, advises on a lot of people/friends on our Facebook Page :  Bodybuilding & Health and other bodybuilding groups around the web, so i still share tips when I am not busy – “asap”.

Professional Bodybuilding is a professional fitness and health learning portal. Daily we’re publishing new information and original content in field of Fitness and Health. We also offer daily quotes from famous professional bodybuilders and original quotes by us.

We share our original content also on : Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. We have around 50 000 users following our business accounts.

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