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Upper-Body Workout – Chest and Back Exercises

t-bar rows

In this upper-body workout plan we’re going to share a few great exercises : Wide-grip bench press Barbell Bent over row Chin-up Dumbbell flys Dumbbell bent arm pullover T bar rows All these bodybuilding exercises will help you build strength and develop excellent chest and back upper body muscles.   Exercise 1 :  Wide-grip bench press This […]

Seated Cable Rows | Top Bodybuilding Exercise for Bigger Back Muscles

seated cable rows

Seated Cable Rows This exercise is also known as Machine Rows & Seated Cable Machine Rows. MAIN PURPOSE OF SEATED CABLE ROWS EXERCISE IS : To strengthen and develop the thickness of the back and the lower lats. Seated Cable Rows Images :   Seated Cable Rows Instructions : Sit on low pulley machine with […]