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Biceps Training Mistakes Limiting your Development

If you’re asking me which muscle is the most commonly exercised in gym’s I’ll tell you biceps. And that’s why there are the most biceps training mistakes people are doing. So let me clear the fog for you from the start. If you feel like you’ve been exercising your biceps regularly and properly for some […]

Top 10 Best Bicep Exercises For Mass

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The bodybuilder’s physique is a carefully balanced combination of many factors, including shape, proportion, and symmetry, to achieve a great physique you need time, energy, dedication, positive mindset and, commitment.  Let say that you are a beginner and you follow some of the gym programs and develop some good muscle mass but you are not […]

Standing Dumbbell Curls Bicep Exercise

standing dumbbell curls bicep exercise

Standing Dumbbell Curls MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To build, shape, and define the biceps.  Standing Dumbbell Curls Images : Standing Dumbbell Curls Instructions: Grab a pair of dumbbells and let them hang at arm’s length next to your sides. Turn your arms so your palms face forward. Without moving your upper arms, bend your […]

Ez Bar Preacher Curl – Biceps Workouts

ex bar preacher curl - biceps exercise,

PREACHER CURLS WITH AN E-Z CURL BAR MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To develop the biceps especially the lower end. This exercise is especially good for anyone who has space between the lower biceps and the elbow joint, to help fill in, and shape this area. Preacher Curls Exercise Images : Preacher Curls Instructions : […]

Hammer Dumbbell Curls – Hammer Curls with Dumbbells

hammer curls, biceps exercises for bigger arms

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To strengthen and develop the Forearms and the Biceps in same time. Hammer Dumbbell Curls Images : Hammer Dumbbell Curls Instructions: Grab a pair of dumbbells and let them hang at arms length next to your sides with your palms facing your thighs. See picture 1 and Picture 2. Without […]