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Greek meat roll

Typical Greek spices, mint and lemon peel add a host of phyto compounds to classic nutrients – zinc, vitamin B12, niacin, and thiamine – offered by this tasty meat roll. For Mediterranean taste, replace pork with the same amount of non-fat lamb meat. For 8 people – 8 servings. An equal portion contains – Nutrition […]

Roast Pork Meat with Cinnamon and Arugula

This roasted pork is so delicious in combination with cinnamon and arugula.  Lemon and grapefruit juices, rich in vitamin C, strengthen the absorption of iron from the rice. For 8 people – 8 servings. An equal portion contains ½ cup jam of apricots. 2-3 tablespoons Dijon mustard. 2 spoons grated lemon peel. 3 tablespoons fresh […]

Veal with rice Healthy Delicious Dinner

veal with rice

Fried veal with rice. Fried veal with rice is a wonderful, elegant and delicious main dishes meal. Simple for every day! For 4 people – 4 servings. An equal portion contains: 1 red sweet pepper, 1 head of onions, 10 gr. butter, 125 gr. rice, 1/4 l. water, 50 gr. grated cheese (an adder), 4 […]

Tortillas with Pork Meat and Red Beans – Healthy Mexican Food

tortillas with pork meat and red beans -healthy mexican food

This is a Healthy Mexican Food – Meal with an irresistible combination of pork with red beans and soft tortillas. For 8 people – 8 servings. An equal portion contains 1 kg pork fillet or steak without bones. teaspoon crushed coriander. fresh pepper, cleaned and chopped. clove of garlic, steamed. a spoonful of lime juice. […]