Chest Dips | Triceps Dips | Weighted Parallel Bar Dips

Chest Dips | Triceps Dips | Weighted Parallel Bar Dips

 Chest Dips – Triceps Dips – Weighted Parallel Bar Dips


This is one of the most challenging triceps exercises for men and women and is also known as: Chest Dips, Triceps Dips, Parallel Bar Dips, Dips and Triceps Dips.

MAIN PURPOSE OF DIPS: To develop the thickness of the triceps, and that especially
around the elbow.

Parallel Bar Dips Images:

Chest Dips | Triceps Dips | Parallel Bar Dips | Triceps Exercise for Men | Triceps Exercise for Women |

Parallel Bar Dips Position 1.

weighted parallel bar dips

Parallel Bar Dips Position 2.

This is a wonderful exercise for triceps, chest(to get a nice chest form), shoulder and upper body strengthening.

Parallel Bar Dips Instructions:

  • Grab the bars and jump up.
  • Lower your body by bending your arms.
  • Your arms should be fully extended.
  • Go down until your shoulders are below your elbows at the bottom.
  • Lift your body back up to the starting position by straightening your arms.
  • Balance yourself with your shoulders over your hands.


Dips are really hard for beginners but the results from this exercise are always more than welcome and amazing. You only need to do 10 to 20 repetitions per day to strengthen your body.


Chest Dips Gif | Chest Dips | Parallel Bar Dips | Weighted Parallel Bar Dips | Triceps Exercise for Women | Triceps Exercise for Men | Triceps Dips |

GIF Illustration for how to do Weighted Parallel Bar Dips.


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Wide Grip Bench Press – Chest Workouts

Wide Grip Bench Press – Chest Workouts

Wide Grip Bench Press 

This exercise is also known as: Barbell Flat Bench Press & Flat Barbell Bench Press.

MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: To develop and build mass and strength in pectorals muscles, front delts and triceps.

Barbell Flat Bench Press Images :

wide grip bench press - bench press wide grip

Position 1

wide grip bench press

Position 2

Wide Grip Bench Press/Barbell Flat Bench Press Instructions :

  • Lie on the flat bench and grasp the barbell from the rack with fully extended arms.
  • Lower the barbell to your chest slowly in case if you want to hit the muscles more intensively. See Picture 1.
  • Then exhale and press the bar upwards to starting position with extended arms to the start position using your chest muscles.

Wide Grip Bench Press Tips :

The Bench Press is a fundamental and very important chest exercise for the upper body. It produces: growth, strength, and muscle density for the chest, front deltoids and triceps muscles.

  • Type of exercise: isolation
  • Primary muscle group: chest – outer position of pectoralis major.
  • Secondary: shoulders, triceps
  • Equipment needed: barbell, flat bench

How to do flat barbell bench press GIF Illustration :

Wide Grip Bench Press - Gif

Written by Daniel Jakov.

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